Jade Rollers: How they Benefit your Skin

Hi Beauties – Ever wonder why you’re skin looks so bright and glow-y after a professional facial? In addition to the streaming, exfoliating, and masking, your aesthetician or aesthetic nurse has been massaging your face for over an hour. Facial massage has a lot of benefits including increasing circulation to your skin, draining away excess fluid in your face and providing a temporary lift and sculpting effect to your facial muscles. 

Practiced on a regular basis, facial massage can speed up circulation and boost collagen production which allows skin to repair itself more quickly – super beneficial for us #skincareaddicts  who are regulars at the Med Spa. 

The beautiful Jade rollers that have been popping up on Instagram and Pinterest for the past year are a great tool to use for facial massage. Using these rollers for a few minutes every morning and night can benefit your skin the same way that a great facial massage does. 

Pro tips: Always move the roller in an upward and outward motion, lifting your facial muscles as you roll. It’s also a great tool to use on your neck, which is sometimes too delicate for intense anti-aging treatments. Lastly, my jade roller stays pretty cool  but if you’re feeling extra puffy from allergies or dehydration you can pop your roller in the refrigerator while you’re making your morning coffee and get an additional de-puffing benefit. 

As always, email or DM me for any questions. Have you tried jade rolling? Would love to hear your thoughts below. Also, links to shop the roller I use are on the Shop page of the site and below.


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