Shining Brightly : Finding Inner Beauty and Happiness

Hi Beauties,

      You know that I believe true beauty starts from inside ourselves but it can be hard to remember that when we’re living in a world of perfectly curated and edited images. If you’ve ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and feel like your life just isn’t as Insta-worthy as other people’s is – you’re not alone.  The truth is as much as I love social media (it’s how I make a living) it can make us feel like our lives aren’t measuring up to friends, Insta influencers, and celebrities. Scrolling through perfect image after perfect image of vacations, proposals, weddings, designer-clad fashion pics,  perfect post-baby bodies and so on can make all of us second guess where we are in our lives. 

So what can we do when we don’t feel so great about ourselves?

1. Look inward  – what it is about other people’s pictures that are making you feel sad? Are you unhappy in your own relationship or career? Can you make some changes that would make you happier? (Ask for that raise, Call that Headhunter back, Ask your SO where things are headed)

2. Be honest with yourself  – If you’re upset by all the Fitspo pictures do you need to make some changes? Maybe you’ve been eating lots of junk food and off your workout routine – what can you do today to make yourself feel better about you (go on a walk, swap out the cocktail for green juice). Try to remember that it’s never about competing with others but just being the best version of yourself that you can be. (I.e. I know that I’ll never be tall, leggy, and blonde but I can be the best version of me ALL DAY LONG :))

3. Spend time with positive people – we all have friends who are glass half full and glass half empty – and we love them for who they are. However, when you’re feeling down it’s important to spend time with your more optimistic friends – especially those who who truly “get you” and want the best for you. Surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook and it’s almost impossible not to feel better and brighter after spending time with them. 

4. Help others – one of my favorite things to do when I’m in a funk and feeling Blah is to go volunteer somewhere or donate something to those in need. Recently I partnered with a local boutique and not only donated a ton of clothes (fashion blogger closet problems) but I helped style women in need who were victims of domestic abuse and violence. I was so humbled to see how much they appreciated items that I hadn’t worn in months (of course I never told them that some of the clothes were mine). It reminded me how lucky I am. I also love volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and any type of animal rescue or shelter. It’s also great to surprise others with a nice gesture – if you can afford it give the cashier at Starbucks or Dunkin a $20 bill (or more if you can) and treat those behind you in line to coffee. When you do something positive like that not only do you feel great but you spread waves of positivity to others and inspire them to do something nice as well. I also love giving things away – I frequently give clothes, makeup and accessories that I’ve been sent because I just don’t need them and I love to see someone else get good use out of them.

5. Let Go of the Things Holding You Back – If you’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora but are saving it for your honeymoon (and you’re single) or want to go to hike Machu Picchu but are desperately hoping for a positive pregnancy test – book the trip anyway. It’s true that if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives – take the trip, start that business, go back to school, make that cross country move – take the leap and figure the rest out as you go along. The timing may never be 100% right but I believe that if we don’t take risks we end up living a life of quiet desperation that ends in bitterness and regret. Don’t let that be your story – go for it instead! 

6. Love Yourself – So maybe you messed up – you missed your opportunity to be a partner in a start-up turned billion dollar company, or you didn’t tell your best friend that you had feelings for him/her and they ended up marrying someone else – it’s still going to be OK. You have to learn to forgive yourself and let things go – there’s going to be something or someone else great for you down the road but if you’re too weighed down with regret and misery you won’t be able to see it. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself and be open to all the wonderful possibilities that life still has to offer. 

  Dress:   Boohoo  |  Shoes:   Forever 21  |  Sunglasses:   Amazon  |  Clutch:  Target [sold out]  |  Earrings:  Target [sold out]

Dress: Boohoo | Shoes: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Amazon | Clutch: Target [sold out]  | Earrings: Target [sold out]

What do you do to help when you’re feeling low? Would love to hear your thoughts in comments or on Instagram. As always, thanks for being here.

Xo Chloe 

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