Staying on Track: Your Guide to a Healthy-ish Vacation

Hi Beauties,

I’m a huge believer in the importance of vacations – it’s refreshing for your mind and body to take a break from work and switch up your routine – whether you’re traveling abroad for 2 weeks or just taking a weekend trip to a favorite place. However with all the planning, packing, and travel time vacations can also leave you exhausted, stressed and susceptible to sickness and germs. If you’re traveling with young kids things can get overwhelming very quickly. Here are a few tips that I follow to keep myself healthy – physically & mentally – on vacation:

Stay Active: No matter what your destination is, there’s always an opportunity to stay physically active. While I certainly don’t advocate spending hours at the hotel gym when you could be enjoying a new place, there are fun ideas for almost every type of trip: 

  1.  Beaches/Lakes – I love running and power walking on the beach – it’s an effective workout with a beautiful view. Stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking are also great ways to get a workout while enjoying new scenery.
  2.  Mountains – Ryan and I go hiking at almost every mountain destination we go to – from Maine to Colorado. It’s a great workout and there’s something about hiking that I find mentally challenging as well. Hiking can also be super family-friendly if you pick the right trails- depending on your child’s age they can travel in a carrier (like Ergobaby) or a stroller.
  3.  City – Try walking or biking around a new city instead of hopping on the tour bus. I think it’s a more authentic and spontaneous way to see a new place and gives you the flexibility to hop into a romantic coffee shop or fun book store.
  4.  Take a new class (Anywhere) – Being in a new place is a great time to get out of your comfort zone – we all tend to stick to our fitness routine at home whether it’s Yoga or HIIT – try something new like SoulCycle (we don’t have this yet in Charlotte so I love going when I can) or FireBarre to challenge yourself!

Eat Mindfully: Vacation is definitely not a time to count calories or avoid carbs but at the same time a week or more of heavy meals, desserts, and alcohol can leave all of us feeing sluggish and blah. I find the best way to handle this is to balance my indulgences (give me all the wine & cheese/charcuterie plates) with plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as drink lots of water. I also believe in keeping breakfast relatively healthy – if the Red Velvet Waffle or similar indulgence is calling your name – order one for the table to split and get something healthy like fruit, egg whites, or yogurt as well. 

Take Your Supplements: While I don’t travel with my entire supplement arsenal (they’ll be a dedicated post on this soon) – I always make sure to bring my multivitamins, probiotics, collagen proteins, Vitamin C packets + elderberry zinc lozenges (to boost immune system function), and melatonin (useful for changing time zones or just getting your sleep back on schedule).

Take some time for yourself : I almost always book a Spa appointment when we are anywhere for more than a couple of days. If the Spa isn’t your thing, carve out some time to sit by the pool with a book, do some shopping or go for a walk by yourself.  When you’re traveling as a family (or in a group) there is sometimes a lot of pressure to have family-time 24/7 which can be exhausting. Switch off with your partner so you can each get a break and do something for yourselves. Everyone will be happier this way in the long run!

What are some of your favorite tips for staying healthy on vacation? I’d love to hear about them in the comments or on Instagram. I’m actually leaving on a trip today so I ran out of time to link all of my outfit items – send me an email or DM if you need the links. Xo Chloe 

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