Black & White Leopard Print Chic Coat

Coat available here

Hello! Leopard print is definitely a neutral for me – I love it so much that I have it throughout my wardrobe from sweaters to shoes. While I really wasn’t in the market for another leopard print item, when I saw this coat in Target I had to at least try it on. And we all know how that goes…

It’s SO soft and cozy and perfect for a moderate weather climate like Charlotte. It can definitely go from day to night too, and the black and white color palette is so sophisticated and will look great with all your holiday party outfits.

The best part if that the price for this coat is $40. Like, really? One of the reasons that I love Target is that so many of their clothing items look and feel much more high end than they are. I get asked a lot what boutique/department store my items are from and it’s always so fun to tell people that it’s from Target.

There’s nothing better than fashion that’s affordable and fun. You can shop this post below. Have a great day! Xo

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