Mocktail Monday: Blackberry Lime Spritzers

Hi friends – is anyone else having a Monday? I feel like my daughter and I have been running around non-stop all morning, I have a huge to-do list for work and life and I’m already feeling like a glass of Rose is a good idea.

But since I’m doing a dry January (during the weekdays), I decided to mix up a Blackberry Lime spritzer instead. This mocktail comes together super quickly and is so refreshing. Recipe below.

Blackberry Lime Spritzer


1 lime

3-4 blackberries

Agave (optional)

1 can Spindrift blackberry sparkling water

Directions: Using a citrus press, squeeze 1 lime into a cocktail shaker. Muddle 3-4 blackberries with the lime juice and add a squeeze of Agave if your blackberries are tart, and/or if you like a sweeter drink. Combine with ice and shake. Strain into cocktail glass (use a fine mesh strainer if you don’t want the blackberry brush in it) and add your Spindrift sparkling water.



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