My Daily Supplement Routine

Hi friends,

Today I thought I’d share my daily supplement routine that I use to look and feel my best. Although I take supplements year round, I think it’s especially important to take some immune boosting supplements in the fall & winter. It’s important to note that while supplements aren’t required to go through FDA approval, the best brands participate in voluntary reviews and testing. Here are my favorite supplements and why I take each one.

Neocell Derma Matrix – This collagen powder contains Vitamin C from Alma fruit and hylaronic acid, which keeps skin hydrated. I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Biotrust Probiotic – This probiotic is super high quality and resistant to heat as well as stomach acid which deactivates some probiotics. This is formulated for improved gut and immune system function. I take one after breakfast and another after dinner.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood – Amazing Grass makes great supplements and protein powders, many of which are plant-based. I’ve tried a couple of their greens powders but this one is my favorite. One scoop contains a full serving of vegetables and is agents to prevent free radical damage and well as boost immune function.

In the fall and winter, I add Elderberry syrup to my routine for extra protection from those pre-school germs. I rotate brands depending on what’s available!

Moon Juice Pearl Concentrate – This powder is a great calcium source as well as a complete protein. It’s also great for your skin and helps prevent sunspots and dark pigmentation that many of us see as we get older and keeps your hair and nails strong.

Moon Juice Cosmic Gold – This amazing milk blends with almond milk (or milk of your choice) and contains adaptogens to help your body’s stress response as well as collagen protective agents. It tastes delicious and it’s my favorite way to unwind in the evening.


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