The Perfect Dress to Celebrate your Birthday in (even if it’s been a hard year)

Hi friends,

My birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago (Dec 6th) and I’ve wanted to write this post for so long and it’s been really hard to find the words. We all know that Instagram and social media isn’t real life, but so often we get caught up in it even when we know better. My Instagram feed may be filled with pictures of beautiful clothes and vacations, but overall this has been a tough year.

It started with the loss of our second baby at 8 weeks in March. While miscarriages are incredibly common (1 in 4 known pregnancies) it doesn’t make them any less devastating. As Ryan and I started to reframe our lives as a family of 3, I found myself pulling away from some of my closest friends. It seemed like everyone in my circle was busy juggling 2 or 3 kids and running on endless cups of coffee – but my life was different. My daughter was becoming more and more independent and I found myself with free time to work on my Blog, get into a great exercise routine (thank you Pure Barre) and even go back to work as a nurse part-time.

Some of the highs this year were working more again and meeting new friends as well as vacations to Turks & Caicos, the Finger Lakes and Arizona. I also reached some personal goals with my Blog that were worth celebrating. Some of the lows (other than my miscarriage) included my mom being sick and not being able to see my family in NY for the holidays. And then of course there were the terrible 3’s (so much worse than 2’s) that my daughter went through.

I think if I’ve learned anything this year it’s that when things are hard, they’re not going to be hard forever and when things are good, they’re not going to be good forever either. While it’s a difficult concept to accept at first, it’s really made me appreciate the good moments and small victories.

So cheers to celebrating today, celebrating your birthday wherever you are in life, knowing that things may not always be perfect but another trip around the sun should still be celebrated with a glass of champagne and a fabulous outfit.

Dress | Faux Fur Coat| Shoes |Earrings

Thank you all for being here for me, for being my safe space, and for allowing me to share parts of my heart with you. Please remember to be kind during the holiday season – people my be struggling with losses and issues that you know nothing about. Be a light for others in good times and bad, and you’ll find yourself shining brighter too.

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